Excavating & Grading

AG Dillard provides the ideal level of site preparation services.  We have the ability to prepare land for the construction of buildings in commercial and residential developments, using your blueprints and specifications.

Site Modeling

AG Dillard offers the highest quality GPS modeling of all earth work. Preparing in house models to help precisely and efficiently create the site contours in the field that the civil engineers design in the office.  We also offer regular drone aerial photos to monitor site conditions and progress on a regular basis.


AG Dillard is equipped with the experience and supervision to work with local partners that can accommodate our larger asphalt projects.  AG Dillard has the ability to take on small asphalt jobs such as walking paths and asphalt patching to ensure the highest quality service and outcome.

Erosion Control

AG Dillard management personnel are Responsible Land Disturber (RLD) certified by the Virginia DEQ. We ensure your site complies with erosion control guidelines, regulations and controls to pass recurring inspections throughout the lifespan of your project.


AG Dillard is able to assist with your concrete needs for virtually any site. Our crews are utilized to facilitate an expedient completion of your project. We pour curbs, sidewalks, steps, and slabs with our employees and our machines. This eliminates the need for outside contractors, saving you time and money.


AG Dillard installs sanitary sewers, storm sewers, main water lines and services on your site. Our years of hands-on experience and partnering with local service providers in the Charlottesville and Albemarle County region help your project stay on your developmental timeline.

Land Clearing

AG Dillard provides a multitude of land clearing services using the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.  We partner with a number of loggers that utilize the cleared trees reducing environmental waste.  AG Dillard uses a clean air burner that has been certified by the EPA to burn brush and other non-usable material on site, without releasing harmful fumes or debris into the air.

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AG Dillard can help you with your projects from start to finish, or anywhere in between. Contact us today for details on our services and how we can make your project a success.