Underground Utility work


Excavation of all types can be handled by our team of expert machine operators, laborers and  foreman. From small to large and deep to shallow we can handle any design your project requires.

Our 349 Loading off road trucks


Our fleet of GPS and Total Station controlled equipment can precisely grade any site quickly and efficiently, saving time and money with reduced need for 3rd party survey support. Many of our jobs are further benefited when possible with regular drone topo's to illustrate and measure progress.

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Site Clearing/Earth Moving

With our dozers, excavators, haul trucks, and more, we have the best heavy equipment available for clearing and grading your site.

349 at work

If your site is better served by off road trucks and excavators, we have that covered too!

At AG Dillard, we know how to move dirt to make your project come to fruition in the most efficient and effective means possible, so if your site is not conductive to dozers and pan's we can use off road trucks and excavators to build your site efficiently.

From Residential to Commercial 

We have all the experience and skill needed to build your site, residential subdivision or commercial project, we can tackle it all.

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Please contact us for pricing

Please reach out to us for pricing at your earliest convenience.